Marilyn Zuckerman In Memoriam

Marilyn Zuckerman 1925-2019 was a woman of enormous strength, intelligence, and moral vision — highly cultured and fiercely political. She defied the gender roles placed on her by convention. She wanted to be recognized as the intellect, activist and creative poet that she was. She gave her family and friends an appreciation for art, music, books and political activism. Marilyn remained a fighter for peace and justice to the end of her life. Continuing to write into her 90’s, Marilyn published many collections of poetry and a memoir of her life growing up in Brooklyn NY. As well, she worked with visual artists creating exceptional collaborative works. Marilyn lived at home in Seattle throughout her last years. She was an inspiration to aspiring writers and a model of how to take charge of the end of life. After a fall and a brief stay in the hospital, Marilyn died peacefully with her daughter and her sons around her. She was dearly loved by those who knew her. She is survived by her sons Sam and Ed, her daughter Anne and grandchildren, Ellie, Ira and Mya-li. In lieu of gifts or flowers the family ask you consider a gift to Red Dragonfly Press:


Marilyn Zuckerman published six books of poetry, including Personal Effects, Alice James Books, Cambridge, 1976; Monday Morning Movie, Street Editions, N.Y., 1981; Poems of the Sixth Decade, Garden Street Press, 1993; and from Cedar Hill Publications, Amerika/America, 2002;  as well as a chapbook from The Greatest Hits series, Pudding House Publications, 2001. Her final collection, In the Ninth Decade, was published Red Dragonfly Press in 2010. Her poems have appeared in magazines such as New York Quarterly, The Little Magazine, Nimrod, Pig Iron, Mystic River Review and Pemmican. She received a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award and an Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award for her work.