by Marilyn Zuckerman

Red Dragonfly Press • www.reddragonflypress.org
ISBN: 978-1-890193-46-1

Book cover: IN THE NINTH DECADE by Mrilyn Zuckerman

“Ever since reading America, Amerika, I’ve been a fan of Marilyn Zuckerman’s work.  The poems in this newest volume rage, they celebrate, they despair and they rejoice.  They tell truths both terrible and liberating about the political world we inhabit and about aging in a society living in denial about aging.  There is a grace about these poems that never loses its edge or its essential humanity.  Here is wine poured into many glasses.  And an excellent vintage it is.”
— Robert Edwards, author of Transparencies (Red Dragonfly Press)


“Marilyn Zuckerman is a public poet, a true citizen poet, which is a radical thing to be these days. This does not mean that she eschews the private. But even in her work’s most intimate moments—the moments in which she struggles, for example, in the trap of an aging body—the voice is still that of a resilient, big-hearted woman in a traumatic and beautiful world. This is the kind of poetry we need—the kind that, as one poem has it, might help us have the strength to hold the bitter taste of life in our mouths.”
— Jon Andersen, author of Stomp and Sing (Curbstone Press)