In the Ninth Decade (2010) NEW! More details…
Red Dragonfly Press •
ISBN: 978-1-890193-46-1

Book cover: Amerika/America by Marilyn Zuckerman
Amerika/America (2002)
Small Press Distribution •
ISBN: 0-935694-04-81-891812-40-8

Zuckerman juxtaposes our rich and often willful U.S. American landscape against those other landscapes of the world upon which we impose such a negative influence, yet before which we are conditioned to turn away. She does this with keen observation, lyric grace and exceptional poetic power. Perhaps the poems of Amerika/America signal a return of the spirit of the sixties and seventies, when it was all right to empathize with humans everywhere. I hope so.
—Margaret Randall

Book cover: Greatest Hits 1970-2000: Marilyn Zuckerman
Greatest Hits 1970-2000: Marilyn Zuckerman (2001)
Pudding House Publications •
ISBN: 1-930755-97-X

From academic poets to community and street poets, the Greatest Hits series provides their top 12 numbers from a broad range of publishing histories. Poets Greatest Hits is an invitational; it celebrates poetry’s place in our culture and honors the artists whose lines elevate America’s poetic sensibilities.

Book cover: Poems of the Sixth Decade by Marilyn Zuckerman
Poems of the Sixth Decade (1993)
Garden Street Press • 66 Depot Rd., Truro, MA 02666 • (508) 349-1991
ISBN: 1-882329-01-5

It is the tradition in eastern culture for the poet to reorder and simplify her life as she approaches old age, so that she may experience a spiritual rebirth. In these poems, Marilyn Zuckerman does this, and along the way she remembers her youth, other women, the loss of friends and lovers, until at last she is able to celebrate the emergence of the strong, old woman.

Monday Morning Movie (1981)
by Barbara Cesery and Marilyn Zuckerman
Street Editions
ISBN: 0-935694-04-8

…Monday Morning Movie deals with romantic love from an obviously feminist perspective. Artists’ books have often been used, in many ways, to make ideological or political statements; the inexpensiveness and accessibility of these works makes them the perfect platform for distributing ideas on a popular scale. In many of these books, the message is communicated primarily through language: photographs or drawings are used essentially as illustrations of, or metaphors for verbal statements.…
—Shelley Rice, from “Artists’ Books:”

Book cover: Personal Effects by Marilyn Zuckerman
Personal Effects (1976)
by Marilyn Zuckerman, Robin Becker & Helena Minton
alicejamesbooks •
ISBN: 0-914086-15-4

Marilyn Zuckerman’s poems are the first utterings of an urgent voice, compelled to speak by a force and with such force that I am tempted to use the word ‘possessed’…These are roadsigns along some highway that sears the countryside…Where they are going I cannot tell, but they are and it is somewhere unheard of.
—Louise Bernikow

…(Zuckerman) is exploring with compelling urgency father, husband, self and other women in a sustained series of poems that arrive convincingly having earned and learned their way at a new beginning…